I Am Happy

I Am Happy


Title: 행복합니다 / Haeng-bok Hab-ni-da / I Am Happy
Also known as: Bliss / Happiness
Chinese title : 幸福
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: SBS
Episodes: 58
Broadcast period: 2008-Feb-09 to 2008-Aug-31
Air time: Saturdays & Sundays 20:45 (8:45 Korean time)



Park Seo Yoon’s family is very successful but Seo Yoon does not flaunt her wealth around. Instead she pretends that she’s an ordinary girl and not a spoiled rich girl. She works really hard to get into her father’s company so that other co-workers will see that she worked her way to the top instead of getting help from her daddy. She dates Lee Joon Soo and doesn’t tell him that she comes from a wealthy family, not even when he wants to meet her family.


Park household

Kim Hyo Jin as Park Seo Yoon (28)
Lee Jong Won as Park Sang Wook (brother, 32)
Lee Eun Song as Park Ae Da (sister, 21)
Kil Yong Woo as Park Seung Jae (father)
Lee Hwi Hyang as Lee Se Young (mother)
Choi Ji Na as Ha Kyung (Sang Wook’s wife)
Shin Da Eun as Jong Ah (Ae Da’s companion)

Lee household

Lee Hoon as Lee Joon Soo (31)
Kim Jong Seo as Lee Joon Ki (brother, 34)
Kim Chul Ki as Lee Young Jae (brother, 31)
Ahn Yong Joon as Lee Joon Young (brother, 20)
Lee Kye In as Lee Chul Gon (father)
Kim Yong Rim as Kim Il Dong (Chul Gon’s mother-in-law)

Other people

Ha Suk Jin as Kang Suk (boxer)
Chae Young In as Kim Ji Sook (Lee Se Young’s assistant)
Kwon Ki Sun as Ahn Mi Sook (Park family housekeeper)
Lee Jung Yong as Lee Young Tae (executive director’s assistant)
Joo Young Ho

Production Credits

Producer: Jang Yong Woo (장용우)
Scriptwriter: Kim Jung Soo (김정수)