Meshibana Keiji Tachibana


Drama: Meshibana Keiji Tachibana
Romaji: Meshibana Keiji Tachibana
Japanese: めしばな刑事タチバナ
Director: Tadaaki Horai, Kenji Kuwajima, Hiromitsu Yabe
Writer: Sahee Sakato (manga), Yoshihiro Taguchi, Hiroyuki Komine
Network: TV Tokyo
Episodes: 12
Release Date: April 10 – July 3, 2013
Runtime: Wednesdays 23:58
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


In an interrogation room at the police station, Shimada (Hiroshi Yamamoto) is questioned about a theft case. The theft occurred 10 days ago, but Shimada hardly says a word. Inspector Goto (Mirai Suzuki) struggles with Shimada.

At this time, Detective Tachibana (Jiro Sato) walks into the interrogation room. Out of the blue, he asks Shimada what he would like to eat. Shimada says he wants tempura & soba from Fujisoba’s. Detective Tachibana tells Shimada that there is another tempura & soba he can eat. Based on his own rich knowledge and experience, Detective Tachibana begins to talk about simple food. Their conversation develops into a dispute.