Keiji 110kg


Drama: Detective 110kg (literal title)
Romaji: Keiji 110kg
Japanese: 刑事110キロ
Director: Naosuke Kurosawa , Ichiro Ishikawa
Writer: Bull Ishihara, Kenichi Onishi, Yukari Nakamura
Network: TV Asahi
Episodes: 8
Release Date: April 25 – June 13, 2013
Runtime: Thursdays 22:00
Genre: Police / Comedy
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


Officer Taro Hanazawa (Hidehiko Ishizuka) works at the downtown police stand in Kyoto. He is very kind, always helping tourists with directions, helping lost kids and carrying heavy stuff for older people. He’s also very observant and has keen insight.

Reiko Nishikori (Atsuko Takahata), who is the first female Chief Detective at the #1 investigation team, learns about Police Officer Taro Hanazawa’s abilities from a case. Despite strong objections from others, Reiko Nishikori promotes Taro Hanazawa to a detective.