Goen Hunter


Drama: Goen Hunter
Romaji: Goen Hanta
Japanese: ご縁ハンター
Director: Tomochika Kasaura, Yuki Nakashima
Writer: Noriko Goto
Network: NHK
Episodes: 3
Release Date: April 13 – April 27, 2013
Runtime: Saturdays 21:00
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


Rika Hasumi (Arisa Mizuki) is a single 37-year-old woman who works at a mail-order firm. She lives with her mother (Yoko Asaji). One day, her yoga instructor Etsuko Kiyota (Nene Otsuka) asks her to attend a party for single men and women. There, Rika becomes a couple with Eikichi Sakamoto (Matsu) who doesn’t even clean his nose hair. Meanwhile, Rika’s mother says that she is going to remarry. Rika worries about her mom and decides to check out the marriage website that she used. Rika makes an appointment with a man who sent her an email.