Pastor Vows to Become a Street Hawker if All Journalists Who Defamed Him Don’t Die by 2017

A controversial pastor has said he will return to the village and begin hawking if all the journalists who defamed him didn’t die by 2017.

Tanzanian pastor Anthony Lusekelo has vowed to become a street hawker if all the journalists who lied against his name by writing false stories to discredit him in public, don’t die in 2017.
Some months ago, journalists reported that the pastor was a raging alcoholic. Since then, he hasn’t been happy as the news left him devastated and being seen in bad light his some people in the country.
“If March 2017 reaches while all writers who wrote negative stories about me are still alive,” he told his church on Sunday, December 11.
In the story ran by journalists, they said that the Kanisa la Maombezi (GRC) pastor was a drunkard and even terrorizes some neighbors when drunk.
“If it doesn’t happen, then I will stop preaching, proceed to the village and turn into a hawker. I leave it to God to decide whether I abandon ministry work or they die,” said Pastor Lusekelo.