Man “weds” his critically sick daughter

– In a touching photo, father dresses as prince charming “weds” his critically ill daughter in the hospital

– The 6-year-old girl who suffers from a nephrotic syndrome which cause leakages in the kidney witnessed her special day organised buy her father

-The heart-warming ceremony was attended by doctors and nurses fighting to cure the disease and save the girl.

Shi XinZhan is a Chinese man who dressed a s prince charming to wed his 6-year-old daughter. The selfless father decided to make his daughter happy at all cost including throwing a special wedding ceremony for her and being the groom.

Shi Haiquing had been diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a disease that causes the kidney to leak substantial amount of protein into the urine. She started taking medication to arrest the situation but the treatment led her to gaining excess weight in three months.

Unsure when her last day will come, after being notified of her critical condition, her father, She Xinzhan decided to throw her a wedding as he wasn’t sure she will livelong to witness it.

She was dressed as snow white and her father dressed as prince charming. The heart-wrenching ceremony was attended by nurses and doctors who fight on daily to save the little girl’s life. See more photos below: