Touching story of woman who married HIV positive boyfriend

 Talatu John (false name) got married to her boyfriend with HIV recently .The man, named Emmanuel, infected her with the virus during their relationship.

A postgraduate student named Talatu John (false name) recently married a man who infected her with HIV. The man’s name is Emmanuel and the pair met in 2014 and fell in love.

Her problems began in five months to her wedding in June, 2016 when she found out she was HIV positive. Talatu spoke to Punch saying: “What pains me most is that my boyfriend had the virus but never told me. We were having unsafe sex regularly.”

“I love him. I still do. The love was so strong that I gave him all my heart. We had unprotected sex at different times. I was so much in love that I never cared whether we used a condom or not. I was not even scared of being pregnant. He too never bothered to use a condom.”

“Then, I didn’t know he was HIV positive and he never told me. Later, my sister, a nurse, told me she learnt that he (Emmanuel) is HIV positive and that I should search his room.”

“She gave me the name of the drug he was using. But I never found any. In order to be sure I was not already infected, I went for HIV/AIDS test and it showed that I was negative. That calmed my nerves.”

“But early this year, I found out I was getting regularly sick. I used to feel hot and tired easily. After repeated medications for malaria, I didn’t get better. Then I started depreciating in size. I was advised to go for HIV test.”

“The lady at the laboratory handed the result to me and told me to see the doctor. She raised my curiosity when she told me she couldn’t tell me the result.”

“The doctor then dropped the bombshell. I was devastated. So, in anger, I went to confront my boyfriend with the news but he denied. I started crying and he consoled me; we had already made arrangements for our wedding.” “It was a day before we went for counselling at the church that he told me the truth. Sometimes, we quarrel over this and I used to call him the ‘devil.’ But he kept on consoling me.”

The couple got married on November 6, the couple got married in Lafia, the Nasarawa State capital. Emmanuel said to Punch: “In fact, I am overwhelmed. Today is my day and I never expected this crowd on my wedding day.” “I really appreciate everyone who took time out of their schedule to honour us. It is a wonderful union indeed. This joy is unquantifiable and there is no day in my life that is as important as this day.”

Talatu ended by saying: “My regret is that I will always be on drugs for the rest of my life. He even warned me not to tell my family about my status. I wished that I remained a virgin. I also regret not using condoms while the courtship lasted.” “Sometimes, if you are in love, you will be fooled. I advise young ladies to be careful. It is better to listen to wise counsel than bear the consequences of wrong decisions. I have learnt my lessons.”