Firefighters fight fire for 18 hours in vegetation Palhoça

Fire started on Saturday afternoon and continued on Sunday.

A fire started on a vegetation in Palhoça, Greater Florianópolis, Brazil, on Saturday afternoon 18:40, and ended at noon on Sunday.

Photo: Cleyton Silva / Personal Archive

According to Palhoça Fire Department, it took about 30 firefighters to stop the flames which lasted for 18 hours. The area consumed by the flame is uninhabited, but is close to residential homes.

Fire officials said they have not measured the size of the fire, but it is considered of great proportions. The fight with the flames ended in the early afternoon on Sunday.

(Photo: Fabio Cardoso / RBS TV)

The site will undergo investigations, however the fire officers suspect that the area was burned for property deforestation. The area is part of the State Park Serra do Tabuleiro, environmental preservation area.