Donald Trump CHEAT to win the Election – Voters Fraud? or Conspiracy?

Donald Trump CHEAT to win the Election – Voters Fraud or Conspiracy

Computer Scientist Urge Clinton to Request Recount

Source: Hillary Clinton under performed in the electoral vote due to the polls being systematically wrong. Could the voting machine have been subjugated to Hack?

Reporter. Tom:

This is a conspiracy for disgruntled Democrats, and unless we get a whole lot more evidence that’s all it is. But like all conspiracy theories, it has something that seems like maybe it could be true. In a nut shell, probably something odd seems to have happened in the electronic loading in 3 key states and Maybe, it cost Hillary Clinton the White-House.

Meanwhile…. As states finish counting the remaining ballots Clinton’s lead over Trump in the popular vote keeps growing, new numbers are in just today from the political report, More than 2 Million votes ahead by the candidate that lost the electoral vote and most likely all the more reason why people want to buy into this “Conspiracy Theories”

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Donald Trump picks team and prepares to enter White House










Reporter. April:

My sources tells me “something was wrong, Trust me.. This is very deep

They even went as far as having forensic professionals looking into this.. And if anything were to happen (looking into this) it would have to happen over this weekend. Hillary Clinton would have to make a decision over this weekend because the electoral college go for that crucial vote on November 3rd.”

Donald Trump CHEAT to win the Election – Voters Fraud or Conspiracy



Source: CNN USA