Rob Kardashian under investigation for criminal charges

Rob Kardashian is facing criminal charges, TMZ reports.

A criminal threat was submitted to the Los Angeles police department stating that Rob Kardashian assaulted had physically threatened Pilot Jones who was seen in pictures kissing Blac Chyna. Los Angeles police department ate looking into the case to be sure if it was really a criminal threat.

With Rob remaining adamant about the situation, it is not certain as to when the picture was taken. Chyna however went to Instagram Thursday to clarify on the criminal charges. Here’s her statement.

“Ok let’s state facts !!! I been quiet for too long!!! So JC Pilot Jones whatever the f–k his name is has already tried to put out a story saying that he’s the potential father of my child,” apparently, Jones is trying to make his partner Jealous by putting out that story, she said ” Mind you at the time I THOUGHT THIS WAS MY FRIEND and I didn’t see a problem with it!!! This was over two years ago people !!! I never had sex with him ! NEVER EVER!”

Chyna is expecting her baby next month, Nov. 16, so she isn’t taking the allegations lightly. She continued, “Like you really stooped this low ?!?! Coming for a B–ch that’s due in a few days ! Really trying to start beef with my Fiancé !!! Your a f–king joke ! You just played yourself !”

“A little gift to myself for working this hard all year!” she wrote on Instagram. “Cant wait to bring my baby girl home!”

Following her post, Rob posted on Instagram showing a picture of him and Chyna, “baby weight, Oh yeah we snapping back.

Baby will be here in 4 weeks and I’m done with carrying this pregnancy weight me and my baby gonna be righttttttt ,,, MOTIVATION TIME we almost there Chy.”