Man locks up housemaid turns her to sex slave in Abuja

Man, Dominic Abutu, was summoned in court, Friday, in a Wuse Zone 2 Chief Magistrates’ Court in Abuja for illegally apprehending a 20-year-old girl for sex.
According to NAN, Abutu was summoned in court for illegally detaining and raping the victim. It was  said that he held and hostage and used her for sexual pleasures.

The prosecutor in charge of the case, John Simon, told NAN that Jennifer Buba reported Abutu at the Wuse Police Station, Oct. 20.

According to Simon, Jennifer received a call from her niece stating that she was held hostage by Abutu at his house.

Initially, the victim was living with her aunt at Mpape before Abutu found her a job as a housemaid in Maitama. Days later, the victim called Abutu complaining that she didn’t like her new job.

Abutu offered her to come to over to his house so that he could take her to other places to look for a job.

From that moment, he kept the victim against her will to have unlawful have sexual intercourse with her.

Simon, said the offences violated sections 273 and 275 of Penal Code, but Abutu pleaded not guilty to the charges. The case was deferred till November 14 for hearing.