How to increase traffic to your website 2016

The use of ad words is very essential to get getting visitors on your website

six ways to increase traffic to your website

The most difficult challenges new bloggers face is the difficulty driving leads to their website or bringing in organic traffic to their blog. In this post, I am going to be highlighting on easy ways to bring leads to your site

  1. Find adwords ads related to your niche: find adwords ads on target keywords or related keywords. The purpose of adword ads on google is to get clicks. Google gets paid thousands of dollars to put those adword ads  and what is their motive? To get clicks (drive traffic). So let’s start the search. I am going to use marketing as an example of a blog niche, let’s say your niche is on marketing, I search for marketing, the first three ads on marketing, says Marketing Software, Marketing Degree and Online Marketing.How to increase traffic to your website
  2. Add words and phrases from adwords ads in your title, and description tag: Here you make a post about marketing. It could be anything from how much people make with Masters in Marketing Degree or how to market online from free. Basically you are going to write about Marketing, this would help optimize your page and it’s a good SEO approach. After you are done writing you post, add it to your description tag
  3.  Use Youtube: Youtube is an easy way to drive traffic. Most people go on Youtube to search for content- they prefer seeing a step by step process. For example if you own a website that shows people how to build a website, people would prefer watching a video step by step on how to build a website rather than reading it step by step. So in that case you make a video on how to build a website, post it on Youtube and put your blog link on the Youtube page.
  4. Use Google Alerts: with google alerts you can add alerts on your  niche and as soon as there is a topic on that niche, you get an alert in your email and you quickly make a post on it.
  5. Comment on other blogs: Visit as many blogs as you can in a day that are in your niche. Read the post and write something really nice, make a contribution that would make people want to know who you are, and therefore click on your page. If you have good contents in your page, AWESOME, they would want to keep reading and they would keep clicking on every page to see. That’s it, you have gained a visitor. Good content is a key factor!!
  6. Visit Forum: When you visit forums, you would see several topics that are related to your niche. Someone may ask on a forum, “which game is preferable- Xcom2, or Quantum Break?” Here you have gotten a topic. Go ahead and share what you think about this two games or make a review on the latest games.

Follow these steps and live a feedback below

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