“High Flyers” by Graciano S. Enwerem

Hi guys. Something big (a big fish) is hitting town soonest. But chill guys, it’s not swallowing anybody like Jonah neither is it causing any panic like the word ‘change.’

And yes, this is not another political propaganda but a cause to Fly High in thoughts and actions.
Before we go on, can you make this sound: “Grrrrrrrrrrr?” Sounds romantic right? Lol.
Very good! That brings us to the table. Grab your spoons fast and let’s do justice to this pepper soup that holds the big fish.

The Pepper Soup is what you’re reading now and the big fish, hmmm the big delicious fish is:

“High Flyers” by Graciano featuring one of Mirus Empire’s finest rappers, Prinx Emmanuel.

A super spoken word piece wrapped with some R&B. The super piece unveils the fact that the realities or let’s say the pool of recession that the world is apparently swimming in today doesn’t really affect God’s own people negatively. Why? It’s a simple arithmetic which its answer is because the economy of God’s own people isn’t dependent on the economy of the world.

“High Flyers” is packed and packaged with abundant wordplay so much so that it has attracted the interest from top Nigerian artistes like M.I. Abaga, Mode Nine, Timi Dakolo, LDXXL, etc.

This big fish is escaping from the ocean on the 25th of October, 2016, which is the birthday of Graciano S. Enwerem.
(This means the amazing personality is releasing “High Flyers” on his birthday.) Interesting right?
Okay, let’s go on…

The birthday shall however be celebrated in Port Harcourt in an event that shall attract dignitaries as he marks Urban October with Safe Habitat Initiative on the 31st of October, 2016.

Let’s hear about this Talented and very hard working celebrity; Graciano Enwerem S. (Grrraciano).
He is a Spoken Word poet, writer and teacher. A graduate of English And Literary Studies, Imo State University. He’s the winner of War Of Words 3, YouPoetry Slam, 9 times winner of Sea View’s Poetry Challenge, Winner Of War Of Words Online slam 1 and cofounder of Figures Of Speech {F.O.S.}, the first online creative group on WhatsApp.
[You want to hear more?] Okay,

He’s been proffered numerous awards which include the SPIC Most Outstanding Achiever Of The Year, 2014, IFA’s Atonisona Of Poetry Award, 2015 and was also voted the number 1 poet on EGC Top 50 Contemporary Poets Who Rocked Nigeria in 2016.

Now you see why “High Flyers” will be loaded, because Graciano is too loaded not to release loaded stuffs
Watch Out!!!

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