Drunk driver arrested after crashing into medical helicopter

A drunk driver has been arrested for crashing into a helicopter that was responding to traffic accident.

The driver, identified as Glenn Livingston, 26, ran into a fire truck before crashing into the helicopter that was responding to a traffic accident in New Mexico.

Livingston was driving a black jeep at high speed when he lost control of the car which crashed into the helicopter near Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico.

Emergency responders were at the place where the accident happened. Livingston was charged with resisting arrest and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)

According to witnesses, the helicopter was evacuating victims from the initial collision when the jeep crashed into it from its side.

Luckily, the helicopter was not on at the moment and the roots were not turning as well. Fortunately, the crew were not in the aircraft and left the scene unharmed. The helicopter, the fire truck and the Jeep were towed.

Witness, Frank Hernandez who was at the scene with his tow truck, was marveled that no one was injured and no one died from the crash.

He spoke with Kob.com ‘I noticed after we got the vehicle picked up, this black Jeep flew past us. I was thinking what the heck is this guy doing? Because they had people out there trying to stop traffic, already he almost hit two ladies.’

‘You’ve got to be pretty drunk. I’ve seen them where they’ve taken vehicles off the road and they don’t know they did that, or not.’

Paramedics spokeswoman, Julia Azua said ‘Our medical team did an outstanding job. The patient was extremely critical, they maintained composure, they were professional and the stabilized this patient despite the incident that occurred on the scene.’

Source: Dailymail