A Bishop has been arrested for defiling a 17-year-old girl

A Zimbabwean Bishop has been sentenced to 20-years in Prison

A Zimbabwean Bishop along with his brother have been arrested for defiling and impregnating a 17-year-old girl at their church.

Bishop, identified as Andrew Mnkandla, 41, and his brother, Lovemore, 34, was said to have held the 17-year-old hostage and raped her. Bishop Mnkandla and Lovemore who is a pastor, held the adolescent hostage and rapped her on several occasions.

“Mnkandla came to our house and asked me to go to his house where he raped me twice. The first time he wore a condom. On another occasion he held me hostage in his house the whole night. My mother came to look for me at his house while I was in his bedroom but he denied knowledge of my whereabouts. He told me to escape through the back door and wait for him at a football pitch close by. He came to get me later and instructed me to tell my father that I had spent the night at a school gate.”

They told the girl that if she told anyone about it, the demons that had been driven out of people would return to torture her.

A statement was made at the court that the pastor and his wife were trying to bribe the mother of the young girl so that she could change her statement in court.

“We went to the mountains for seven days with my father and Lovemore. My father was called back to work on the fourth day, leaving me with Lovemore. On our way home he dragged me into a nearby bush and raped me. He told me if I told anyone, all the demons would return.”

However, Mnkandla was convicted after the 17-year-old girl testified that Mnkandla raped her in his house and Lovemore raped her on the mountains.

The absurd part of it all, was that the “self proclaimed” Bishop could not recite the Bible. When asked to recite John 3 vs 16, he stated “Let your hearts not be troubled,” as opposed to the actual verse which says: For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

The magistrate, Chrispen Mberewere, sentenced Mnkandla for 20-years in prison for several counts of rape.




Source: GossipMill