Arsene Wenger praises Arsenal after big win at Sunderland

Arsenal Scores 4-1 Sunderland

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal Manager, praises his team in the 4-1 win over Sunderland, Saturday as the Gunners quickly scored three goals towards the end of the game.

Sanchez scoring his fourth goal

With Olivier Giroud, scoring his first two goals to make it 3-1 and Alexis Sanchez scoring his second goal minutes later, placing Arsenal three points ahead, with Manchester City and Liverpool joining them later with the wins.

Giroud nodding his second goal

Arsene Wenger told BBC, “We had again a great response, in the Premier League at 1-1 you have as well many chances to lose the game. And we were questioned.

It was, how do we respond to that? Do we panic, or do we give up, or do we feel sorry for ourselves? Or do we go again for it? And we responded well.”

He continued, “If you don’t win two games on the trot, people question you straight away and it gets in the team as well and the doubt creeps in,

So it’s important always after a disappointment to respond with sharpness, and that’s what we did today.”

“You think: ‘Here we are.’ Because we missed so many chances, so many opportunities, so many times the final ball was a bit short or a bit long,

Then of course I was even worried we could lose the game. Because you never know, when a team sometimes feel they missed so many chances they feel we deserve to be punished today. But we have shown great strength to bounce back.


We have plenty of options up front, and in the middle of the park as well. So it’s interesting. If we keep united, focused and of course all together and motivated, we can win some games.”


Big ups to the Gunners


Source: ESPN