Newborn starved for days after mom refused to give baby formula

Parents of newborn has been arrested after mother refused to feed the baby because she felt there was poison in the baby formula. The baby lost 250g that his skeletons were seen. Olga Karnopele pleaded guilty for neglect after disobeying doctors order and taking child out of hospital despite poor nutrition. Karnopele was advices to supplement breast milk with baby formula because it wasn’t enough, but she instead ignored doctor’s order because she believed she knew better.

Prosecutor, Richard Archer, stated that that was “within the normal range of birth weight but a little over a month later on December 30 he weighed just below his 4.98lb.” The child lost more than 20 percent of his birth weight. After taking the child to the hospital were he was kept for several days, the child gained 0.5 kilo in less than a week. It was evident to the doctors that the child was not taking enough milk.
Parent of child, Olga Karnopele was sentenced to 2 years in Jail and Aleksandrs Vitte was sentenced to 32 months.