Man, 24, raped female friend, text a message with sad face on Whatsapp

Ryan Falconer, 24, raped his female friend, a 20 year old young woman and then sent her a message on whatsapp along with a sad face saying “I’m sorry.”

Supposedly, Falconer has a young son but keeps texting the 20 year old to send him naked pictures of herself. He would ask for oral sex, sometimes she would take part in his flirting and other times, she would reject.

She told the court that she only saw Falconer as a friend but on Saturday evening, May 16, 2015, she invited Falconer to her home where she lived with her parent.

He came over at 8:45 pm and they went to her bedroom, and that was when Falconer forcefully had sex with her even when she said ‘no’ to him.
She stated that he even tried having oral sex with her.
She told the Jury that she said several times “No. I don’t want. Stop. Get off me” but Falconer insisted “You can do it. You know you want to.”

One of the Judges, Judge Jonathan Rose asked the young lady why didn’t she scream, her reply was “Because I just froze. I kept saying no. And you don’t want your parents to see you getting raped.”

The young lady reported Falconer to the police two days later and he was arrested and questioned. The trial is expected the end this week