‘Anorexia nearly killed me’ 22 year old Girl days away from death after BMI drops to 11


photos of Hannah Koestler, 22, days away from death after weighing just five stone and having a BMI of 11. A normal or healthy BMI (Body mass index) is said to be from 18 to 25. However Hannah’s BMI was 11 which was way below the accepted BMI.Anorexia nearly killed me
Hannah decided to share this shocking picture of her being connected to a feeding tube to show the illness and the reality of people going through anorexia. After surviving this illness she gets messages from people suffering from Anorexia and encouraging messages from her 125,000 Instagram followers
In November 2011, at age 17,  Hannah was diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa. She stated that at a point in her life, she was feeding on just 3 rice cakes a day and wore a dress size of a 10 year old girl. She even suffered from organ failure and hair loss because of her eating disorder.

‘I know that the pictures are graphic, but they’re my journey and we shouldn’t shy away from the truth’ she said ‘Anorexia is a cruel illness that ravishes the body and mind. I hope that my pictures will deter other people from developing eating disorders and inspire those in its grips to get help. Looking at old pictures always brings back all the memories of what happened to me, but I’ve never been happier than I am now and I want people to know that.’
Hannah, however, blamed her eating disorder on the fact that her family moved always. Hannah was born in Austria but has lived in China, Japan, South Korean and America. Her family moving around made her selective with what food she ate in school. “I started eating very healthy, unprocessed foods and cut out junk food completely. It became more and more selective, and soon I was completely eliminating fats and eating very minimal carbs. Soon I only felt comfortable eating vegetables and steamed tofu.”
Hannah’s parent took her to the doctor because they were concerned of her health. She stated “They just told my mum to cook for me and watch me eat every meal, but it didn’t work because I was so fussy about what I would and should not eat.” It got to the point that Hannah’s mum would drive Hannah to school just to make sure she ate lunch. “My mum did the best that she could, I am so grateful for everything she did otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am not” she added “thankfully my mum was able to distinguish between who I am and who my eating disorder was making me be.”
In 2012, Hannah suggested to her parent that she wanted to live on her own. When she started living alone, she was so obsessed with her diet that she lived on 100 calories a day by eating just vegetables, three rice cakes and one glass of water. In August 2012, Hannah’s parent called the police after not hearing from her for days. She was found in her apartment, in bad shape. Hannah got admitted to ICU at the Vienna General Hospital and that was when doctors told her she was days away from death. After 5 months, Hannah was discharged from the hospital after her BMI increased to a less life threatening state.
Three weeks later, she was admitted to an eating disorder clinic where she got treatment and was getting educated on food and nutrition.

In November 2013, she was discharged and now eats large portion of food, strictly vegetarian. In September 2014, she moved to the UK to study engineering at University of Warwick. This was when she created an account on Instagram, Prosperous Healthy Life, where she documents healthy meals and show people more on her battle with anorexia. “Anorexia is a horrible illness and one people should be talking about.”