Onegai Twins OVA (Dub)


Other name: Onegai☆Twins: Natsu Wa Owaranai, Please Twins! Onegai Twins OVA, おねがい☆ツインズ 夏は終わらない

Genres: Comedy Anime, Drama Anime, Dub Anime, OVA Anime, Romance Anime

Date aired: Apr 28, 2004

Status: Completed


Two weeks have passed since the dilemma between Maiku, Karen and Miina was resolved, but their lives are more hectic than ever. Karen has become possessed in her newly discovered brother and Miina is desperate for attention as well, which leaves little time for Maiku to concentrate on his work. Therefore he decides to head out in the woods and set up a camp, where he can be work in peace. But, as always, we have Morino who is up to no good. To make things a bit more interesting, she organizes a field trip to Maiku’s camp site, and encourages everyone to make some good summer memories.