Ice Binggoo

Ice Binggoo


Title: 빙구 / Ice Binggoo
Previously known as: 그리고, 봄 / And Spring
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2017-Feb-05 to 2017-Feb-12
Air time: Sunday 00:05

How much can the world change in 37 years?

Go Man Soo (Kim Jung Hyun) is a man living in 1979 Korea during a simpler time before the 1988 Olympics brought modernization to much of the country. His simple life literally comes to a crashing halt when he is accidentally frozen in an ice mound.

When he is discovered 37 years later in 2016, his body has been preserved by the ice exactly as he was in 1979. But the world around him has changed dramatically. When Man Soo meets Jang Ha Da (Han Sun Hwa), a bank teller, he is taken aback because she looks exactly like the woman he was in love with back in 1979. Can Man Soo navigate his new world in modern times?


Main Cast

Kim Jung Hyun as Go Man Soo
Han Sun Hwa as Jang Ha Da / han Yeong Sil

Supporting Cast

Cha Joo Young as Yoo Shin Yeong
– Nam Ki Ae as Yoo Shin Yeong (middle-age)
Jung Ga Ram as Jang Cha Da (Jang Ha Da’s brother)
Kim Hee Chan as Jang Eun Suk (Changdae’s father)
– Jung Bo Suk as Jang Eun Suk (middle-age)
Ahn Kil Kang as Art Director


Uhm Hyo Sup
Yang Hyun Min
Jun Hun Tae (전헌태)
Kim Seo Kyung
Lee Jung Eun
Lee Chang
Seol Chang Hee


Ji Soo Won
Tae Hang Ho