Avengers Social Club

Avengers Social Club


Title: 부암동 복수자들 / Avengers Social Club
Also Known as: Buam-dong Revenge Social Club / Buam-dong Revengers
Chinese Title: 付岩洞復仇者們
Genre: Friendship, Revenge
Broadcast network: tvN
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast period: 2017-Oct-11 to 2017-Nov-30
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:50

This drama is based on webcomic “부암동 복수자 소셜클럽/Buam-dong Revenge Social Club” by “사자토끼 / Sajatokki” which was published from 2014-Sep-2 to 2016-Dec-27 via “comic.daum.com/webtoon“.

It’s tells the story of three women from different walks of life – the daughter of a chaebol, an ahjumma in a fish market, and a housewife – come together to enact revenge.

Kim Jung Hye (Lee Yo Won) is the daughter of a family who runs a big company. She appears straightforward and arrogant, but she is actually naive and cute. Her marriage was made to benefit both families. She tries her best as a wife, but she learns that her husband has betrayed her. To get revenge, she leads the “Bok Ja Club”. Meanwhile, Hong Do Hee (Ra Mi Ran) sells fish at a traditional market and raises her two kids alone. Her husband passed away. She is bright and good nature. Her son gets involved in a violent incident at school. She then joins the “BokJa Club”. The third one is Lee Mi Sook (Myung Se Bin) who was an orphan and married. She has tried hard to have a happy family with her university professor husband, but he is violent towards her. She begins to think about her life after she meets Kim Jung Hye and and Hong Do Hee. The last one is Lee Soo Kyum (Jun) who joins the “Bok Ja Club” to take revenge on his biological parents. His father is Kim Jung Hye’s husband. Before his father married Kim Jung Hye, he had a fling with a woman who gave birth to Lee Soo Kyum. His biological parents have neglected him since.


Main Cast

Lee Yo Won as Kim Jung Hye
Ra Mi Ran as Hong Do Hee
Myung Se Bin as Lee Mi Sook
Jun as Lee Soo Kyum

Supporting Cast

Jung Ae Yun as Kim Jung Yoon
Kim Sa Kwon as Park Seung Woo
Choi Byung Mo as Lee Byung Soo
Shin Dong Mi as Han Soo Ji
Yoon Jin Sol as Kim Hee Kyung
Kim Bo Ra as Baek Seo Yeon


Jung Young Joo as Joo Gil Yeon
Jang Yong
Sung Byung Sook
Jung Suk Yong
Kim Hyung Il
So Hee Jung
Shin Dong Woo
Yoo In Soo
Jo Ah In