Yesterday Once More


Name: Yesterday Once More (2016)
Other name: 谁的青春不迷茫
Director: Yoyo Yao, Tingting Yao
Cast: Jingting Bai, Shutong Guo, Hongyi Li, Herun Wang, Guansen Ding, Wenlong Zhao
Genre: Comedy
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 108 min
Release year: 2016
Status: Complete


Lin Tian Jiao strives to be the top student in her H.S. class in order to receive financial assistance from her mother to attend Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University. But it’s as if the perfect little plan outlined for Tian Jiao’s life has all been in service to other people and she has neglected her own wishes. After a rare cheating incident, Tian Jiao is accidentally pulled into a relationship with underachiever Gao Xiang. She realizes that this weak student — who she’s always looked down on — actually has dreams and ambitions of his own while the boy Tian Jiao has a crush on shows no backbone at all. After a family tragedy and with the help of her best friend, Tian Jiao begins to understand that “youth” means she should work hard to pursue who and what she loves. There is no shame in living your youth with no regret!