Star April


Name: Star April (2017)
Other name: April Star
Director: N/a
Cast: Qi Stephy, Wu Nicky, Zuo Hang, Ren Yan Kai
Genre: Romance
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 40 Episodes
Release year: 2017
Status: Ep 22 Engsub+42 RAW


It’s hard to date when your face is recognized everywhere. Ye Fan Xing is a famous television anchor who is instantly recognized wherever she goes. She has been trying to be the best daughter to her mother after the devastating death of her younger sister in a car accident 10 years ago.
Fan Xing is in a secret relationship with successful businessman Xiao Han, but they face many challenges to their relationship due to Fan Xing’s fame and other complications brought on by their families.
Xiao Han’s nephew, Fu Xia, falls in love with Fan Xing, only to find out that she is already dating his uncle. Meanwhile, Mi Si Yue becomes Fan Xing’s best friend but is secretly in love with Xiao Han.
When Fan Xing learns Si Yue’s true identity, what will happen to her relationship and her family?