ST: Aka to Shiro no Sosa File The Movie


Native title: ST 赤と白の捜査ファイル
Also Known as: ST Aka to Shiro no Sosa Fairu; ST MPD Scientific Investigation Squad;
Country: Japan
Type: Movie
Release Date: Jan 10, 2015
Duration: 1 hr. 50 min.


The film picks up after the events of the popular 2014 NTV drama which followed the exploits of a group of quirky yet talented MPD crime lab researchers who were assigned to a special criminal investigation unit called ST (Scientific Task Force). In the movie, team analyst Samon Akagi is arrested for murder after a charred corpse is discovered and ST is subsequently disbanded.
Elite inspector Tomohisa Yurine doesn’t believe Akagi is guilty, and when Akagi escapes from jail, they begin investigating a new computer virus used by a genius hacker named Kaburaki. Eventually, they track down a mysterious woman named Naomi Doujima who has knowledge about Kaburaki and the virus.