Song Of Phoenix


Name: Song of Phoenix (2017)
Other name: Legend of Qu Yuan
Director: N/a
Cast: Ma Ke, Zhang Viann, Qiao Zhen Yu, Lan Xi, Yi Jackson
Genre: Romance, History
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 81 Episodes
Release year: 2017
Status: Ep 78 Engsub


Song of Phoenix 思美人 is an 81-episode Chinese historical epic starring Ma Ke (The Journey), Viann Zhang (Border Town Prodigal), Qiao Zhenyu (Hero’s Dream) and Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi (Legend of Chusen).

It tells the story of Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet and government official known for his accomplishments during the Warring States Era. In the fictionalized dramatization, Qu Yuan falls in love with a slave girl named Mo Chou Nu. Theirs is a forbidden romance but complicated by palace politics and the affairs of the nation. Motivated by a love for his country, Qu Yuan embarks on a difficult endeavor to save his people.

This drama which was filmed early 2016 serves as Ma Ke’s comeback to grand scale costume dramas ever since he shot to fame playing Sha Qian Mo in Journey of Flower. It’s been more than a year-long wait for its release and it has finally been slated to broadcast following the finale of the hit political drama In the name of People.