Seven First Kisses


Name: Seven First Kisses (2016)
Other name: First Kiss for the Seventh Time
Director: Jeong Jeong Hwa
Cast: Kai, Park Hae Jin, Lee Jong Suk, Ok Taec Yeon, Lee Min Ho, Lee Cho Hee, Lee Joon Gi, Choi Ji Woo, Ji Chang Wook
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Country: Korean
Runtime: 10 episodes
Release year: 2016
Status: Ep 8 Engsub


Min Soo-jin (Lee Cho-hee) is a Lotte Duty Free store employee who has never been in a relationship before. One day, she meets with the goddess of fate (Choi Ji Woo) who grants her an attempt to pick the perfect partner for her first kiss among 7 different men. Her options are firstly, a religious tech billionaire (Lee Joon-gi), a serious yet romantic boss (Park Hae-jin), a sexy secret agent (Ji Chang-wook), an adorable younger male friend (Kai), an innocent chaebol heir (Ok Taec-yeon), a beloved top hallyu star (Lee Jong-suk), and finally a free-spirited travel writer (Lee Min-ho).