Revenge For Love


Name: Revenge For Love 2017 (2017)
Other name: 疯岳撬佳人
Director: Billy Cheung
Cast: Yue Yunpeng, Yuan Shanshan, Sun Jian, Ma Yuan
Genre: Comedy
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 93 Min
Release year: 2017
Status: Complete


Boy had a crush on girl, but was rejected big time in front of an audience. Many years later, girl became a well known art designer, boy now a man became a caretaker in a rehab. He be friended with a billionair for saving the old man’s life. Backed by the billionair to go after his love once again, but instead man wanted to get his revenge for the rejection that scared him all those years. He hired a company which specialize in match making, hoping that his dream girl would fall in love with him, and he could take his turn rejecting her. As story goes, old feeling came back and man decided to abandon his plan. Before the man can come clean, his lies were discovered by the girl’s ex, who wants to win her love back. With a regreted heart, despite the disappointment the girl have for the man, he convinced the billionair to help the girl opening her own art exhibition. Girl finds out the truth, finally realize where her heart should be …