Planning Of Be In Love


Name: Planning Of Be In Love (2017)
Other name: 小阴谋大爱情
Director: Xue Fangmin
Cast: Gao Han Yu, Gong Mi, Pan Sookie
Genre: Comedy
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 91 Min
Release year: 2017
Status: Complete


Yi Jun, a well-intentioned lie to deceive Yao Zheng return to the country, ran into Jin Yan in the company and fall in love. More and more stories turn into love road. During one exciting party, a beautiful lady under the mask, and it was Kacy. Yao Zheng tries to find Jin Yan desperately after she left, but no success. Yi Jun and Zi Ti are getting married but hidden from Yao Zheng and asked Yao to look after the bride when the bridge’s veil opened, there has been an unexpected scene.