Painted Skin II – Hua Pi


Name: Painted Skin II – Hua Pi (2013)
Other name: Painted Skin II – Hua Pi, Painted Skin 2: No Regrets for Real Love e
Director: N/a
Cast: Lau Hawick, Wang Yu, Ying Er, Bai Michelle, Qiao Zhen Yu
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 42 Episodes
Release year: 2013
Status: Ep 37 Engsub


The TV adaptation also shares the same setting and characters from the movie. The story centers around Wang Ying (Hawick Lau 劉愷威) and his love triangle with Tang princess, Li Jing (Ying Er 颖儿) and fox spirit, Xiaowei (Michelle Bai 白冰). When Princess Jing’s face becomes disfigured, she willingly exchanges her human heart with Xiaowei, foolishly believing that Wang Ying will love her again after she regains her beauty. Though it is a supernatural epic, the main theme will be love and the sacrifices involved.