Operation Love


Name: Operation Love (2017)
Other name: 求婚大作战中国版
Director: N/a
Cast: Zhang Yi Xing, Chen Du Ling, Zhao Yuan Yuan, Yang Xue Er, Li Cheng Bin
Genre: Romance
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 32 Episodes
Release year: 2017
Status: Ep 29 Engsub


Yan Xiaolai and Ji Tiantian have been best friends for more than ten years. Naive and oblivious when it comes to love, Xiaolai does not realize his feelings for Tiantian; despite the latter trying multiple times to confess her feelings for him. Tiantian eventually gives up and accepts her teacher. At the wedding ceremony when Tiantian is about to marry another man, Xiaolai regrets that he never confessed his feelings for her. An angel appears and offers him a second chance to change the past. Xiaolai travels back to various events of their life, hoping to change the outcome of their relationship.