A Life Time Love


Name: A Life Time Love (2017)
Other name: Once Promised | Ancient Love Song | Ancient Time’s Love Song | A Lifetime Love
Director: N/a
Cast: Huang Xiao Ming, Song Victoria, Sheng Peter, Wu Janice, Luo Yunxi
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, History
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 54 Episodes
Release year: 2017
Status: Ep 18 RAW


The story takes place in a mythological world with demons, gods, and humans cohabiting, set during the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors period. The world is split into three kingdoms – Xuan Yang, Ling Yun and Xuan Mu.

Chi Yun is a war god from Ruo Jiang Tribe, a wild beast-turned-man driven by revenge, who wants to dominate and unite all living things under one ruler. His resolve is immovable until he meets Muqing Mo, a princess from the Xuan Yang Kingdom. However, Ah Mo is betrothed by her family to Prince Sheng Lun from the Ling Yun Kingdom. Nonetheless, her heart belongs to Chi Yun. The two made a promise to meet annually under the peach blossoms of No Return Valley, where Chi Yun made Ah Mo a promise of love, that he will give up everything, and stay by her side for the rest of their lives.

Complications arise when Ah Mo’s father invades Ruo Jiang in order to attain world domination. Torn between family and love, Ah Mo is forced to make some difficult choices when her kingdom clashes with Ruo Jiang numerous times, resulting in world chaos.