Too Late To Say I Love You


Name: Too Late to Say I Love You (2010)
Other name: Lai Bu Ji Shuo Wo Ai Ni | Endless Love | 碟血承洲 | Die Xue Cheng Zhou
Director: N/a
Cast: Chung Wallace, Li Xiao Ran, Tan Kevin, Lu Yong
Genre: Romance, History, War
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 36 Episodes
Release year: 2010
Status: Completed


From original novel by Fei Wo Si Cun. Yin Jingwan, a young woman from a wealthy merchant family, saved a young man on a train who was escaping from a rivaling warlord Manhun. When she returned home, her parents betrothed her to a childhood friend, but her fiancee was put into prison in Chengzhou for smuggling firearms and illegal western drugs. Jingwan decided to go to Chengzhou to rescue her fiancee. But she did not know, this trip would completely change her life.