Name: Heirs (2017)
Other name: Medalist Lawyer Heir | 金牌律师之继承人
Director: N/a
Cast: Lau Hawick, Jiang Xin, Lau Damian
Genre: Romance
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 43 Episodes
Release year: 2017
Status: Ep 19 RAW


Heirs 继承人 is a 43-episode Chinese drama about a hotshot lawyer suddenly ending up with an assistant named Tang Ning. After returning from abroad, Tang Ning was forced to give up her shares to the family business and the lawyer may be her only hope.

Hawick Lau (Legend of the Jade Sword) and Jiang Xin (Ode to Joy) take the lead as the unlikely pair who start out suspecting each other’s motives until they eventually fall in love. For a legal drama, I wonder what the reason is for choosing the title Heirs when it automatically brings to mind the k-drama starring Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye instead.