Cambrian Period


Name: Cambrian Period (2017)
Other name: 寒武纪
Director: N/a
Cast: He Mike, Hou Ming Hao, Zhou Yu Tong, Jason, Han Chin
Genre: Action, Romance, Crime
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 24 Episodes
Release year: 2017
Status: Ep 3 Engsub+20 RAW


Tang Ying is an innocent, naive girl who, after a failing acting career, decides to start afresh to travel to Nanzhan Bu Island (South Island) and become a surrogate shopper. However, all is not what it seems. Due to the popularity of the island and the tax-free and visa free policies in place there, it has attracted the attention of many criminal syndicates/gangs who are looking to invest on the island due to the prospect of making an insane amount of money, and the secret war between the gangs and the police brewing there.
By accident, Tang Ying becomes embroiled in the war, as well as meeting two different men who are on opposite sides of this war: Jian Zi who is a juvenile killer, and the handsome male police commissioner Li Yong Ji. In the shadow of death, gangs and a variety of cases involving trade in the black market, will Tang Ying be able to pull through?