Across the Ocean to See You


Name: Across the Ocean to See You (2017)
Other name: Piao Yang Guo Hai Lai Kan Ni | You Look Across the Sea
Director: N/a
Cast: Zhu Ya Wen, Wang Li Kun, Gao Yang, Ye Julia, Wang Yan Lin
Genre: Romance
Country: Chinese
Runtime: 44 Episodes
Release year: 2017
Status: Ep 40 Engsub+44 RAW


Su Mang, who lives overseas, took office in a tourism corporation. After Su Mang’s marriage to husband Tian Xue Cheng, her temperament greatly changed, and Tian Xue Cheng requested for a divorce. After the divorce, Su Mang applied to her current company to return to China, and the company approved of her to go back to China, and she becomes the CEO in one of their branch offices. During her trip, a misunderstanding happened between her and the corporation’s hotel connoisseur, Zhang Chu. Once Su Meng started her term in the new company, she laid off many workers, and Zhang Chu managed to luckily escape. Meanwhile, the employees are gossiping about how their new female superior was abandoned by her husband. Zhang Chu helped Su Mang resolve this embarrassing situation and left a good impression on Su Mang, but how will the rest of their story lay out?