Under The Sun


Name: Under the Sun (2015)
Other name: 해에게서 소년에게
Director: Ahn Seul-Gi
Cast: Shin Yeon-Woo, Kim Ho-Won, Kim Ga-Hyun
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Country: Korean
Runtime: 78 min
Release year: 2015
Status: Complete


Si-Wan’s (Shin Yeon-Woo) mother got heavily into religion and then killed herself. His father is left behind and he does nothing. Si-Wan blames religious leader Seung-Young (Kim Ho-Won) and decides to kill him. Seung-Young though becomes like a brother to Si-Wan. Si-Wan also gets close to Jin-Sook (Kim Young-Sun) and her daughter Min-Hee (Kim Ga-Hyun). Jin-Sook and Si-Wan’s mother used to go to the same church.
One day, due to Jin-Sook and her violent husband, everything is about to collapse.