Judul : Sunny (2008-Korean Movie)
Hangul : 님은 먼곳에
Tanggal Rilis : July 23, 2008
Durasi : 126 min.
Bahasa : Korean
Negara : South Korea
Sutradara: Lee Joon-Ik
Penulis Naskah: Choi Suk-Hwan
Produser : Choi Suk-Hwan
Cinematographer: Kang Seung-Yong
Distributor: Showbox


In 1971 Korea, Soon-Yi (Soo-Ae) is an average housewife, whose only hobby is singing. At the time, some 320,000 Korean men are dispatched to fight alongside American troops in the Vietnam War, and her husband, Sang-gil (Uhm Tae-Woong), is one of them. She decides to go to Vietnam to search for Sang-gil by joining a “consolatory band” that cheers up troops. Newly named “Sunny,” she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and love