Someone Special


Movie: Someone Special
Revised romanization: Aneun Yeoja
Hangul: 아는 여자
Director: Jang Jin
Writer: Jang Jin
Producer: Jang Jin, Kim Mi-Hwa, Ji Sang-Yong
Cinematographer: Park Yong-Soo
Release Date: June 25, 2004
Runtime: 107 min.
Genre: Romantic-Comedy / Baseball
Distributor: Cinema Service
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Professional baseball player Dong Chi-Sung (Jung Jae-Young) experiences yet another unpleasant ending to a romantic relationship. He’s dumped by his latest girlfriend, while strolling through the park. Things get a lot worse for Dong Chi-Sung. He goes to the hospital on the same day and learns from his doctor that he has a tumor and only has three months left to live. Dong Chi-Sung goes to a bar to drink his problems away.

The next morning, Dong Chi-Sung wakes up to find himself in a motel room with the bartender Han Yi-Yeon (Lee Na-Young) from last night. Chi-Sung asks Yi-Yeon how he got to the motel and Yi-Yeon explains carrying him in a box to the motel after he passed out. Their awkward relationship begins.