Shokuzai no Sonata


Native title: 贖罪の奏鳴曲
Also Known as: Penance’s Sonata
Country: Japan
Type: Drama
Episodes: 4
Aired: Jan 24, 2015 to Feb 14, 2015
Network: WOWOW


Mikoshiba Reiji is an invincible lawyer who is described as one who would certainly fight to win a suspended sentence no matter what the charges are. As a result, his fees are also exorbitant. Because the clientele that comes to him are also unscrupulous, he is even shunned by those around him for being a crass lawyer. Mikoshiba volunteers to be the court-appointed defence lawyer in the trial of a murder for insurance money. The cards are overwhelmingly stacked against the defendant, Mitsuko. In the midst of this, a drowned body is discovered in a riverbed within Saitama Prefecture and Watase of the prefectural police embarks on the investigation. Then he discovers that the victim, a freelance journalist, had been snooping around Mikoshiba just before death. As the investigation progresses, Watase gets to Mikoshiba’s past. He is the real culprit in the murder of a little girl. Why did a murderer become a lawyer? What is his objective?