After School: Lucky Or Not 2

After School: Lucky Or Not 2


Name: After School: Lucky or Not 2 (2014)
Other name: 放学后福不福
Director: Updating
Cast: Kang Tae Oh, Alice, Gong Myung, Yoo Il, Lee Tae Hwan, Park Hye Young
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Country: Korean
Runtime: Nov 26, 2014 to Jan 1, 2015
Release year: 2014
Status: Complete


School’s back in session, and everybody’s favorite group of boys (reprised by the idol group 5urprise) are back for a new semester of extracurricular antics. This season, the magical mentors reassemble with their newly elected leader (played by Song Joo Hee of Hello Venus), a bashful student who quickly discovers a new breed of cram school that’s full of wondrous adventures and life lessons.