Kumokiri Nizaemon Season 2


Native title: 雲霧仁左衛門 2
Country: Japan
Type: Drama
Episodes: 8
Aired: Feb 6, 2015 to Mar 23, 2015
Aired On: Friday
Network: NHK
Duration: 45 min.


During the Kyoho period there is a gang of thieves which is active not just in Edo but also the Tokaido and the Nakasendo, and all across the Kansai region. Targeting only the very wealthy, they steal large sums of money with skillful techniques and never kill or injure people. Because they appear with the clouds and disappear like the mist, people call them the Kumokiri gang. The leader who keeps a rein on this gang of highly-skilled and notorious followers Nanabake no Ochiyo, Kinezumi no Kichigoro, Subashiri no Kumagoro, Ingakozo Rokunosuke and others is Kumokiri Nizaemon, the greatest bandit of all time. Abe Shikibu, the chief of the public security force, the Hitsuke Tozoku Aratamekata, opposes him. The fierce battle which pits the wits of the two men continues to go on. Nizaemon reappears in Edo after completing a big job in Nagoya. Shikibu frenziedly pursues the Kumokiri with the aim of capturing the whole gang. One day, the description and likeness of a thief called Shiranui no Yogoro is put up in Edo. Information that Yogoro wants to join the Kumokiri soon reaches Nizaemon. Ochiyo wonders if Yogoro is the benefactor who took care of her in her childhood. She feels concerned about the welfare of this wanted man. Nizaemon decides to meet Yogoro for her sake. When Yogoro shows himself, his true identity is unexpected. On the other hand, the inevitable circumstances that made Nizaemon abandon his samurai status and turn to being a thief is revealed.