Kaze no Toge ~ Ginkan no Fu


Native title: 風の峠 ~銀漢の賦~
Country: Japan
Type: Drama
Episodes: 6
Aired: Jan 15, 2015 to ?
Aired On: Thursday
Network: NHK


Kusakabe Gengo, of the Tsukigase domain in Western Japan, is handed an order to execute the chief retainer, Matsuura Shogen. Kusakabe and Matsuura are childhood friends and also went to the same kendo training school. They were once bound by a firm friendship, but took different paths and fell out as a result of some incident. The rumours are that Shogen has incurred displeasure because he is hindering the rise of the lord of the domain. However, he is known to the public as an artist so it would look bad if he were publicly executed. Gengo, who has been ordered to handle it as a fight due to a personal grudge, searches for the place for Shogen to die. He decides to visit Shogen for the first time in 20 years. When the paths of the two men cross again as they approach old age, fate starts moving again.