Hoiku Tantei 25-ji – Hanasaki Shinichiro wa nemurenai!!


Native title: 保育探偵25時~花咲慎一郎は眠れない!!~
Also Known as: Hoiku Tantei 25-ji ~ Hanasaki Shinichiro wa nemurenai!!; Day Care Detective 25 Hours: Hanasaki Shinichirou Can’t Sleep!!;
Country: Japan
Type: Drama
Episodes: 9
Aired: Jan 16, 2015 to Mar 13, 2015
Aired On: Friday
Network: TV Tokyo
Duration: 56 min.

Shinichiro Hanasaki is a former detective with the police department, which is currently engaged in the nursery “Smiling Garden”. Wishing to help poorer families and single parents are very low fees for childcare, but this means that it is still far broke. To replenish the budget decides that during the night will have a private detective agency.