Gap Dong

Gap Dong


Name: Gap Dong (2014)
Other name: 갑동이
Director: Jo Soo-Won
Cast: Yoon Sang-Hyun, Kim Min-Jung, Sung Dong-Il, Lee Joon
Genre: Crime
Country: Korean
Runtime: Fri & Sat 20:50 (20 Episodes)
Release year: 2014
Status: Complete


Moo Yeom is a detective. 20 years ago, he was a Buddhist monk, but he got into trouble with a man named Gap Dong. To cut ties with him and cut off whatever karma would arise from his involvement with Gap Dong, Moo Yeom became a detective. After the statute of limitations expired, Gap Dong appears once again. Moo Yeom sets out to catch him once and for all. ~~ Drama series is inspired by the “Hwaseong serial murder case”.