Dekin no Onna – Jiken Kisha Kurogane


Native title: 出入禁止の女~事件記者クロガネ~
Also Known as: Deiri Kinshi no Onna ~ Jiken Kisha Kurogane; Off Limit Woman: Case Reporter Kurogane
Country: Japan
Type: Drama
Episodes: 0
Aired: Jan 15, 2015 to ?
Aired On: Thursday
Network: TV Asahi


After an ownership change, a local newspaper changes names to the Kyoto Times and its policy also undergoes a change to focus on increasing readership.
Kurogane Shinobu is a roving reporter for the Local News Section of the Kyoto Times. In the past, she wrote several in-depth investigative articles which won awards. Although many reporters have left the Kyoto Times because they hated the change in policy, she stayed. A divorced single mother, she loves her son, but is poor at expressing it.
She has a difficult personality and when she works on an article, she is tenacious and fearless in interviews. When a story breaks, she will rush to the location regardless of where it is and would make a beeline for the person without a thought for the inconvenience she might cause. Due to this tendency, there are now places that are off-limits to her (she is banned from going in and out).