Alice: Boy From Wonderland

Alice: Boy From Wonderland

Movie: Alice: Boy from Wonderland
Revised romanization: Aerriseu: Wondeoraendeueoseo On Sonyeon
Hangul: 앨리스: 원더랜드에서 온 소년
Director: Huh Eun-Hee
Writer: Huh Eun-Hee
Producer: Choi Yoon, Choi Wook
Cinematographer: Kim Hak-Bae
World Premiere: July, 2015 (BiFan)
Release Date: December 10, 2015
Runtime: 115 min.
Genre: Romance / Mystery / Horror
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Hye-Joong (Jung So-Min) can’t remember anything before the age of 4. Every night she experiences terrible nightmares. Unable to cope with the nightmares anymore, she heeds the advice of a shaman and goes back to the villa where her family stayed 24 years ago. The villa is now known as “Wonderland.” There, she meets Hwan (Hong Jong-Hyun), Soo-Ryun (Jung Yeon-Joo) and a white rabbit. During the next 15 days, Hye-Joong has to find something that is missing. If she succeeds her nightmares will stop.

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