Woman unknowingly streams her own death live on Facebook

Chilling minutes a young lady in a car live-streamed her own death on Facebook before crashing into a barrier.

The frightful video of the horrendous last minutes of 22-year-old Nikol Barabasova showed her giggling while making a Facebook Live stream.

The Volkswagen was supposedly driving at more than 74.5 mph in Obrnice, Czech Republic when it struck a hindrance. At that point, in a brief moment Nikol lets out a squeal.

The video showed the car quivering while the driver seems to attempt to recover control. Nikol is then pushed forward and the car at that point flips over.

The cell phone is dropped however the camera keeps on shooting as it stops beneath the safety belt. At that point another man can beheard, apparently another driver inquiring as to whether the ladies are okay.

It took an individual from the emergency services to purportedly stop the live-stream.