Woman of Dignity Episode 1


On a stormy night, a figure wearing black rushes through a hallway and hits a girl at the back of her head, causing a glass of wine to crashing on the floor. With another blow to her head, and the lady, PARK BOK-JA (Kim solar-ah) falls to the floor, eyes staring blankly on the floor.

Police say that there has been no DNA proof discovered apart from fingerprints from members of the family. Instead, the only suspects they have got are members of the family, and everybody except for a woman named Woo Ah-jin is considered a suspect.
Speaking of WOO AH-JIN (Kim Hee-sun), we see her taking walks towards the police station, dressed all in black besides for a pair of shiny red heels.

As the police go over the evidence and suspects of the homicide, they estimated that the homicide occurred at 2:00 a.m., although they observe that they didn’t get a call until rapidly after 9:00 a.m. in the morning.

Their listing of suspects includes:


AHN TAE-DONG, the deceased’s husband, who they consider has the clearest motivation to have murdered her;
AHN JAE-GU, Ahn Tae-dong’s eldest son with a criminal record;
AHN JAE-HEE, Ahn Tae-dong’s daughter, who lied to the police about being inside the house while the homicide happened;
and PARK JOO-MI, Ahn Tae-dong’s daughter-in-law, who has no alibi.

In the morgue, the detective and Ah-jin watch as the mortician sews up the wound in Park Bok-ja’s now-shaven head. The mortician proclaims that a concussion become the cause of death and explains that the morgue doesn’t have enough room to store the body, so Ah-jin is asked to make preparations.

As Ah-jin leaves, the mortician asks the detective who he thinks is the killer. The detective replies that he’s positive it was Ah-jin, however now he’s sure it’s not Ah-jin. Appears to be someone’s who’s given an awesome alibi.

The detective and Ah-jin speak at his desk about Park Bok-ja, who’s also called Park Jeong, and how Ah-jin got to know her. Even though Ah-jin’s statement indicated that she met Bok-ja for the first time whilst interviewing caregivers for her father-in-law, the detective says that Ah-jin met Bok-ja before then. Ah-jin’s eyes widen at this, and the detective asks if she without a doubt doesn’t not remember.
While Ah-jin’s was reminiscing, we see a flash of Ah-jin at a window as she grew to become to see Bok-ja looking at her dressed as a maid.

We go back to the present, as Bok-ja’s body is cremated. In voiceover, Bok-ja narrates, “If I’m able to be reborn, I don’t want to be Park Bok-ja. I’d rather be the woman watching me turn to ash.” The fire flares, and we see it reflected in Ah-jin’s dark sunglasses as she watches Bok-ja’s cremation. We then see her taking Bok-ja’s ashes to the water to scatter them.

With the prelude over and the thriller added, we now bounce back in time, and it’s Ah-jin’s flip to set the scene as we survey the city and various highly-priced eating places, accommodations, and spas.

Find out what happens next