Video shows a baby girl being pushed into an elevator before falling to death

Video shows a baby girl being pushed into an elevator before falling to death

A two-year-old baby girl fell to death from a private tower after one her mates left her inside an elevated and sent her upstairs alone.

Surveillance camera from residential building in Changsha city, capital of Central China’s Hunan territory, has caught the couple of minutes before the baby girl known as “Li” fell 16 stories to her death.

The video showed Li and two other kids playing inside and outside the elevator, with the kid, aged five, later putting the baby in the elevator alone and pressing the 17th floor – which is numbered “18” in Chinese buildings.

She was sent upstairs alone and it is there that investigators believed Li tumbled down an opening between the building, falling onto the first floor patio where she was later found.

The young lady was being watched by her grandma at the time she disappeared, and neighbors found her dead body a couple of minutes after they started looking for her.

Nearby police now investigating the case have made the elevator CCTV video available to the public, however no additional information about Li and her family has been revealed.

The investigators did not state if the kid’s family would be considered responsible for the disaster.

Li’s neighbors later held a candlelight vigil in her name.


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